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Technology Factsheet

GP8 Pallet Truck - Vision-Guided Robotic Pallet Truck

Category: Robotics > Other > Wheeled/Tracked System
Reference # : Model No :

The unmanned GP8 single or double length pallet truck transports palletized goods using Seegrid’s patented vision-guided technology. Position the GP8 forks under the pallets you want to move, input the route on the keypad, and the flexible AGV travels without wire, laser, tape, or magnet. No facility or environment changes are required for Seegrid robots to navigate. The vision-guided technology allows the GP8 pallet truck to use the existing infrastructure to map its guidance path.

Site: *
Size:Very Large (>100kg/200lb, >120cm/48in)
TRL:Operational (9)
TRL2: *
Tether: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




Operational Experience:



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