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Technology Factsheet

Centrifugal Shot Blasting System

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Shot Blasting
Reference # : DOE/EM - 0346 / 0441 (OST # 1851) Model No :

Centrifugal shot blast system removes concrete and concrete coating. The shot blast unit propels hardened steel shot at a high rate of speed to abrade the surface of the concrete. The depth of removal is determined by rate of speed at which the machine is traveling and the volume and size of shot fired into the blast chamber. The steel shot is recycled and reused until it is too small to be useable. The centrifugal shot blast unit can be used with a variety of dust collection system.


* One of the advantages over the baseline technology is the ability to blast over reinforcing wire, rebar, floor bolts, steel drains and other obstructions without any difficulty * The CSB system has a smaller removal gap than the baseline technology and is better suited for relatively (when compared to the area necessary for the baseline technology) small areas * The ability to work and maneuver in tight quarters and the capability to remove thin layers more precisely and leave the floor in a safe, smooth, usable condition * It is greater maneuverability and generates less waste per unit area when compared to the baseline technology


* Flying shot creates a potential safety hazard * Loose shot on the floor presents a slipping hazard and must be picked up by a magnetic broom * The technology has considerable difficulty in removing the remaining down to the1 in ( removed the top 1/8 in to 3/16 in of concrete) requirement * Operating cost are higher than the baseline (rotary drum planer) * Lower Production rate than the baseline (rotary drum planer) * The CSB dust collector did not provide enough vacuum or velocity, which resulted in dust overloading the system when shot blasting over softer areas of concrete * Rubber seals around the base of the CSB technology need frequent adjustment or replacement to contain errant shot * Communications are impaired when CSB technology and dust collector are running and are impaired by respirators and hearing protection




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