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Technology Factsheet

Concrete Shaver

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Milling/Shaving
Reference # : OST# 1950 Model No : DTF25

The Model DTF25 Concrete shaver is self-propelled, walk-behind electric-powered with extremely accurate tolerances. The shaver is suitable for flat (or slightly curved) walls and floors. The machine is fitted with a 25 cm (10in) wide impregnated blades. The number of blades chosen is dependent upon the surface finish required. The system is designed to be used with a vacuum extraction unit for dust-free operation.


* The operating costs for the concrete shaver technology is $1.32/ft2 versus $4.05/ft2 for the baseline scabbler * The concrete shaver removes concrete surfaces much faster than the baseline technology (almost by a factor of 5) * The volume of primary waste generated by the concrete shaver technology is slightly less than the baseline technology * Because of its high production rate, the concrete shaver reduces worker exposure * Leaves smoother surface than the baseline * The concrete shaver vibrates less than the baseline, thus reducing worker fatigue * The concrete shaver abrades embedded steel in addition to concrete * There was no visible wear after removing 1/8 in. on a 816 ft2 area. The diamond blade is claimed to last 20,000 ft2 * Because of its extended diamond blade life, the concrete shaver also cost less for replacement cutting media when compared to the baseline * Other models that can decontaminate walls are available


* Due to its physical size and geometry, the concrete shaver is not appropriate for use on very small concrete floors and slabs or those with significant obstructions




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