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Technology Factsheet

Remotely Operated Scabbling

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Scabbling , Mechanical
Reference # : OST # 2099 , DOE/EM-0467 Model No : Moosse

The Pentek, Inc., remotely-operated scabbler, the Moose ®, is designed to scarify large concrete floors and slabs in environments which require stringent control of airborne contamination and debris. The Moose ® scabbler utilizes a single-step floor scarification process with three integral sub-systems: the scabbling head assembly, the on-board high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum system, and the six-wheeled chassis. Remote operation of the Moose® is performed using a small control panel attached to the Moose ® by up to 300-ft of tether. The scabbling head utilizes seven 2 ¼-in-diameter reciprocating scabbling bits, each 9-point tungsten carbide-tipped, which pulverize the surface delivering 1,200 hammer impacts/min. Dust and debris are captured by the two-stage positive filtration HEPA vacuum system that deposits the waste directly into an on-board 23-gal waste drum. The six-wheeled chassis has independent skid steering which allows the Moose® to pirouette 360-degrees about its geometric center.


* Simultaneous collection of dust and debris * Reduces the amount of airborne contamination * The technology is very maneuverable * Easily disassembled for decontamination * Remote operation up to 300 feet * Improves worker safety and worker fatigue


* Only accommodates 23 gal. waste drums * Because of weight (200 lb), the full drums require two persons to be changed * More costly for small areas than the baseline technology (mechanical scabbling)




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