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Technology Factsheet

Neutron Techniques

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment
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Neutron Techniques can be used for failure analysis, to validate models and evaluate changes to the process route. Provides non-destructive testing of bulk materials (metals, alloys, composites, etc.) to depths of 1.5 cm or more in steels, 5 cm in Al. Able to scan the interior of many full-scale components from multiple industries (automotive, oil & gas, pipeline, offshore, aerospace, plastic and mechanics in general, and coatings industries). Investigation of the factors controlling the fatigue behaviour of welded components. In materials science and engineering, Neutron Techniques can be applied to the study of residual stresses, microstructural characterization of materials, crystallographic texture, micromechanics kinetics and other microstructural characteristics.


Non-destructive testing. Spatial resolution of the order of 1 mm3 or less.





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