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Technology Factsheet

Drum Capping System

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Packaging
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The drum capping system is designed for fully-automatic capping and uncapping of waste drums. After a drum is opened, the lid with screws is stored in the lid magazine. Usually, the drum is opened before filling or grouting and capped after grouting (or any other conditioning activity).


Fully-automatic capping and uncapping to reduce dose rate exposure. Lid magazine to store drum lids (optional) for ease of use. Rotational movement for positioning to enable safe capping of the drums. Ten electric screwdrivers mounted on linear transfer unit for optimum horizontal positioning (optional). Drum clamp and positioning on drum transport device to enable safe capping of the drums. Linear transfer unit according to building layout for customized application. Multiple lid magazines if required; separate lid trays for special lids.





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