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Technology Factsheet

Drum Radiation Monitoring System

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Administrative Controls
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The drum radiation monitoring system offers fully automatic measuring of the required drum parameters and this data can be stored and transferred into a database. The drums (e.g., 200 liter (L) drums or 400 L drums) can be loaded via crane, roller conveyor, chain conveyor or other transport devices into the monitoring system. Segmented gamma scanning (HPGe detector). Dose rate measurement (contact and 1 m). Weight measurement. Smear test at drum lid flange. For 200 L or 400 L drums. Scanner software and data storage. Shielding by building or additional shielding.


Customized drum transport. Modular combination of features. Seamless implementation into larger waste treatment processes or as a stand-alone system. Mobile shielding walls (optional) if the drum radiation monitoring system is built directly into the drum transport line. Customizable number of detectors and package size.





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