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Technology Factsheet

In-drum Dryer

Category: Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Drying
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In-drum dryer dries liquid, non-combustible waste such as evaporator concentrates. During the drying process the solid content in the drum increases and precipitates while the liquid is evaporated and condensed subsequently. By falling below a certain drum filling level, liquid waste is automatically re-dosed. The drying process is complete once a certain condensate flow is no longer reached. The result is a quality dry product that can withstand longterm storage without chemical or biochemical reactions occurring over the subsequent storage period.


Automatic and remote-controlled drum transfer. Sealed docking of drum with sub-pressure inside. Liquid feed from continuous circulation. Automated drying of liquids such as concentrates. Separated heating and evaporation zone. Heating with hot air (100 – 190 C). Collection of condensate for release or processing. Skid unit and drying chamber unit. Completely filled drum or defined filling. Optional sampling device for dry residuals.





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