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Technology Factsheet

Rotary Peening with Captive Shot

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Scabbling , Mechanical
Reference # : OST#1812 DOE/EM-0344 Model No : CPM-4 and 3M

Roto Peen uses centrifugal force to remove coatings and surface contamination from concrete floors. A series of 3M TM Heavy Duty Roto Peen flaps supporting tungsten carbide shot are mounted on a CPM-4 Concrete Planer provided by EDCO. The planer provides the correct rotational speed for the Roto Peen. A vacuum system, the VAC-PAC Model 24 provided by Pentek, is then attached to the concrete planer. It is a pneumatically driven vacuum system with isolated filters that permit the waste generated to be collected directly into a drum. The system is also outfitted with a Pb Sentry from West Environmental to monitor vacuum pressure at the planer. This proprietary system will shut off electrical power to the concrete planer should the detected vacuum drop below a safe threshold. The EDCO Concrete Planer is designed to remove paints and other surface contaminants from flat, horizontal areas. It has a cutting width of 5.5 in and the depth of removal is determined by the rate of speed with which the unit is driven.


* Cost savings of approximately 50 % over the baseline (mainly due to mobilization and demobilization costs) * Dust and debris are collected simultaneously, greatly reducing airborne contamination * Unlike the baseline, there is no need to setup a containment system * Considerably reduced the amount of waste * Easy to operate and maintain * Safety feature shuts off power when pressure drops below the safe threshold


* Lower production rate than the baseline technology (Larger RPCS units are available and would improve on the production rate)




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