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Technology Factsheet

Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Lights & Power
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The Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit is a complete stand-alone package, powered via dedicated ROV umbilical. Unit contains a complete control system that proportionally adjusts the flow and pressure for each hydraulic output. System is capable of electrical controls expansion for additional survey equipment. System comes configured with a Launch and Recovery A-Frame, Umbilical Winch, 20 ft work van Vessel Electrical Requirements • 480 V AC – 3-Phase • 250 A Supply System Horsepower • 225 hp Nominal Operating Pressure • 3,000 psi


Hydraulic Capability • 8X Flow Controlled 0 to 25 gpm (Bi-Directional) • 2X Pressure & Flow Control 0 to 25 gpm (Bi-Directional) • 6X 3 gpm (Bi-Directional)


Depth Limitation • 10,000 fsw (3,000 m)




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