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Technology Factsheet

Neutrak® Fast Neutron Dosimeter

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
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Neutrak® Fast Neutron Dosimeter provides neutron radiation monitoring with CR-39 and Track Etch technology. The Neutrak detector is a CR-39 (allyl diglycol carbonate) based, solidstate nuclear track detector that is not sensitive to x, beta or gamma radiation, and can be packaged specifically for neutron detection only, or as a component of another dosimeter such as Luxel®+ or InLight® to include x, gamma and beta radiation monitoring. The CR-39 is laser engraved for permanent identification, and wrapped with a 2-D bar code to assure efficient chain-of-custody.


Neutrak’s thermal/intermediate neutron dosimeter has a design intended for fast, intermediate, and thermal neutrons



"Neutrak® Fast, Intermediate and Thermal Neutron Dosimeter" is a variation of Neutrak® Fast Neutron Dosimeter mainly used for personal monitoring and emergency response.



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