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Technology Factsheet

Saturn™ TLD Ring

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
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Landauer’s ring dosimetry service provides comprehensive extremity radiation monitoring for workers required to manually manipulate or work in close proximity to radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment. The Saturn™ TLD Ring is a new extremity dosimeter introduced as an improved alternative to the standard TLD ring dosimeter. The Saturn Ring measures exposure due to x, beta, and gamma radiation with thermoluminescent technology. The TLD is the highest efficiency dosimeter of 100% TL grade lithium fluoride, with no binder.


• Flexible fit for comfort • A more precise reading - minimum reportable dose of 10 mrem • A more hygienic ring • 2D Barcode for easy scanning into myLDR.com



Configuration Options Rings are available in two adjustable sizes small/medium and large to comfortably fit any user. The ring base colors are completely configurable down to the individual level and available colors are blue, green, and orange.



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