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Technology Factsheet

ATOM Group Containers

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Packaging
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ATOM Group containers provide a solution for the storage and transport of low and medium radioactive waste. The Group consists of containers with a choice of lengths (10', 20' and 40') in two models (as a box container and as an OHT container with a removable hard metal roof). All containers from the ATOM Group are developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with international regulations IAEA IP-2 or IP-3 or Type A (safety standard N. TS-R1, N. TS-G1.1), CFR, DOT 7A, CSC, ISO 1496-1, ADR, RID, IMO, TIR, IMDG.

Type A containers ensure gas tightness (excess pressure/vacuum are exchanged through a suitable filter) and are produced from certified materials enabling the use at temperature up to -40 °C.


Flexibility regarding the types and dimensions of containers. Robust design. Quality. Long life.





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