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Technology Factsheet


Category: Robotics > Other > Leg-based System
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Momaro consists of an anthropomorphic upper body on a flexible hybrid mobile base. Its locomotion concept is based on four compliant legs which end in pairs of directly driven, steerable wheels. This allows for omnidirectional driving on rugged terrain and for adjusting the height of the upper body. To overcome larger obstacles and to climb stairs, individual legs are lifted and the robot makes steps.

The upper body consists of two adult-sized anthropomorphic arms with seven degrees of freedom each. The robot grippers have four individually controllable fingers with two joints each. The robot upper body can be twisted relative to the base, to extend the manipulation work space.

Momaro is equipped with a sensor head consisting of a continuously rotating 3D laser scanner, which produces a spherical field-of-view, eight RGB-D cameras with an omnidirectional field-of-view, three full HD color cameras for a panoramic operator view, and a top-down wide angle camera. In addition, the robot can sense joint positions and torques and is equipped with an inertial measurement unit.

The operator station supports various 3D visualizations of the robot in its environment, panoramic and top-down video, and the interactive configuration of semi-autonomous locomotion and manipulation skills.






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