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Technology Factsheet

Surface Contamination Monitor and Survey Information Management System

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Multipurpose Detectors
Reference # : DOE/EM- 0347 Model No : SCM/SIS

Surface Contamination Monitor and Survey Information Management System (SCM/SIMS) is designed to perform alpha and beta radiation surveys of floors and surfaces and document the measured data. The SRA-SCM/SIMS technology can be applied to routine operational surveys, characterization surveys, and free release and site closure surveys. Any large nuclear site can make use of this technology. The survey monitor consists of a position-sensitive gas proportional counter mounted on a motor-driven cart. The width of the proportional counter is variable (typically 0.5 to 5 m) and can be readily interchanged with other lengths. These tests used a 120-cm-wide counter although a smaller counter would have been more efficient. All data are recorded automatically and can be correlated to a particular geometric position in the survey, resulting in a considerable improvement in data reliability.


SCM/SIMS can correlate 3-dimensional survey data images with the real-time video screen or automatically generate survey reports as color-coded 3-dimensional graphics. SCM/SIMS can overlie on drawings or photographs of the site that gives managers and technicians a more complete understanding of the contaminated area, thus facilitating optimal remediation planning. SCM/SIMS displays to the operator the minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation of the survey data in live time. Measurements exceeding regulatory results can be set to appear as either color-coded or in boldface type. SCM/SIMS takes 400 measurements per square meter with a minimum detectable activity that is 100 to 200 times greater for detecting hotspots than the baseline technology. This provides a significantly higher confidence level in the completeness and the sensitivity of the radiological survey. SCM/SIMS consistently maintains the proper survey speed and distance between the detector and monitor surface, significantly reducing the variation and uncertainty in the survey data. SCM/SIMS has proven cost and productivity rates that are better than conventional baseline methods. As part of the Hanford C-Reactor Large Scale Demonstration and Deployment Project, SCM/SIMS had productivity rates five times faster for beta/gamma surveys and two times faster for alpha surveys. Cost of the system was 13% to 57% lower than the baseline. It is anticipated that cost savings of over $106k will be realized via the initial deployment of the SCM/SIMS. Savings will increase, commensurate with planned follow-on deployments. At the present time, there is no need to modify the system demonstrated at the Hanford Site C Reactor.


-The major limitation of the system is in surveying small rooms with a large number of obstacles. It is possible that combining manual survey instrumentation with SIMS could reduce this problem




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