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Technology Factsheet

HRP- 2 Promet

Category: Robotics > Other > Leg-based System
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HRP-2 is the final robotic platform for the Humanoid Robotics Project. The total robotic system was designed and integrated by Kawada Industries, Inc. together with the Humanoid Research Group of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Special Features:
-Many DOF system despite light weight construction: 154 cm Height, 58 kg Mass, and 30 DOF.
-Cantilevered crotch joint structure allows for walking in confined area. -Highly compact electrical system packaging to forgo a "backpack".
-Experiments to realise "walking on uneven surfaces," "tipping-over control," "getting up from a fallen position," and "human-interactive operations in open spaces" are planned.
-Users will be able to develop application software due to open architecture.

Dimensions Total Height : 1,540mm, Total Width : 620mm
Mass (including batteries) 58kg
Degrees of Freedom 30 axes
Walking Speed 0~2km/h
Hand Grip 2kgf (per hand) Sensors: Torso - 3-axes vibration gyro 3-axes velocity sensor
Sensors: Arms - 6-axes force sensors
Sensors: Legs - 6-axes force sensors
Motor Drivers: 48V 20A (I max) 2 axes / driver x 16
Power System: NiMH Battery DC 48V 14.8Ah


Cooling systems incorporated in the leg actuators allow enhanced continuous stepping endurance.

Links and axial stiffness are significantly upgraded to improve walking motion and operational performance.

Electrical noise was reduced to improve system reliability.





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