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Technology Factsheet

Alpha Sentry CAM System

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment
Reference # : Model No : CAM

The spectroscopic algorithm (which uses a stripping method instead of ROIs) is extremely effective at subtracting out the radon daughter interference from the transuranic region of interest. This physical and mathematical radon reduction increases the sensitivity of the Alpha Sentry, which in turn translates into a lower false alarm rate. The distributed architecture approach taken by the Alpha Sentry CAM system enables the user to monitor potential leak situations from a point safely outside the affected area. Multi-dropping up to eight sampling heads off a single operator interface (ASM1000), enables the location of thesampling heads in the room while the ASM1000 resides in the hallway. Sharing the operator interface resource lowers the cost per sampling location. It also makes networking to a lab-wide computer easier – there’s only one connection per eight sampling heads.


Based on research conducted by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Texas A&M University’s Aerosol Laboratory, Canberra’s sampling head represents the most advanced technology available in Alpha CAMs today.


The Alpha Sentry Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) System resolves many of the issues facing Alpha CAM users today. A patented diffusion screen removes 95% of the unattached radon daughters from the air sample (as much as 90% of the radon daughters are unattached in typical laboratory environments).




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