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Technology Factsheet

NetS² SmartShield

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
Reference # : Model No : G300

NetS² SmartShield is a compact and scalable radiation detector system, that optimizes performance through advanced data fusion algorithms and automatic smartphone networking. The SmartShield™ product has three elements:

1) A hand-held or belt-clippable sized gamma radiation detector.
2) A smart phone with embedded software.
3) A base control unit (BCU) laptop that runs SmartShield™ software and links to all the detectors automatically.


Greater sensitivity to automatically differentiate threats in real time from naturally occurring radioactive materials. Accurate identification of the isotope and automated categorization. Geolocation of a radiological source—be it moving or stationary. Automated sharing of data over a network enables coordinated command and control and true situational awareness.





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