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Technology Factsheet


Category: Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Absorption
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The COREBRICK™ technology provides conditioning of liquid radioactive waste (transfer from liquid to solid form), and then stores the resulting solid waste for transportation and/or disposal. In the core of the technology, there is a two-stage sorption process using EKSORB sorbents.

The use of composite inorganic sorbents provides a high degree of concentration of radionuclides from a large volume of liquid in a small volume of sorbent. The bulk of the radioactivity is transferred to the sorbent, thereby increasing the specific activity of the substance. COREBRICK™ technology provides for safe storage of the spent sorbent during processing, transportation, long-term storage, and disposal.

COREBRICK™ consists of a concrete block, an inlet pipe, an outlet pipe and a detachable mixer. The core of the block is a column filled with a sorbent. The sorption capacity is up to 10 000 column volumes. After use, the sorbent is embedded with grout using the detachable mixer.






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