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Technology Factsheet

DeconGel 1128 Spray

Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Strippable Coatings
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DeconGel is a temporary strippable coating for chemical and radioactive clean-up. 1128 is a spray-on version of 1108 formulated for extremely heavy duty industrial sprayers for horizontal and vertical hard porous and non-porous surfaces and is used for heavy nuclear and chemical decontamination.

DeconGel 1128 is recommended for decontamination of radioisotopes as well as particulates, heavy metals, water-soluble and insoluble organic compounds, including tritiated compounds. The hydrogel coating can be applied to horizontal, vertical and inverted surfaces and can be applied to most surfaces including bare, coated and painted concrete, aluminum, steel, lead, rubber, plexiglass, herculite, wood, porcelain, tile grout, and vinyl, ceramic and linoleum floor tiles. When dry, the product locks the contaminants into a polymer matrix. The film containing the encapsulated contamination can then be peeled and disposed of according to appropriate local, state and federal regulations.


No preparation or mixing required. Easy application. High decontamination factors. Minimal odor. Locks the contaminants into a polymer matrix. Work on any surface. Penetrates and removes contamination from cracks, pores and voids. Dries into tough film that is easy to peel.





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