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Technology Factsheet

Polyurea Special Protective Coating (Envirolastic AR 425)

Category: Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Fixatives
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Envirolastic AR425 is a 100% solids, spray-applied, aromatic polyurea coating and lining system, which exhibits toughness and elastomeric performance characteristics.

This product is designed for use in immersion or atmospheric exposures for a tough, flexible, impact resistant waterproof coating and lining system. Example of uses include tank linings, cold storage areas, aquariums, geotextile linings, tunnels, pipeline coating and lining, fuel storage and containment, rail bridge decks, offshore platforms, nuclear power plants and fabrication shops.


Fast cure. No VOCs. Low odor. Seamless, flexible, and waterproof. Impact, tear and abrasion resistant. Chemical resistant. Retains physical properties at -20F to 250F.





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