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Technology Factsheet

Dura Seal 400

Category: Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Fixatives
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Dura Seal 400 is an epoxy-based flow-coated product. Applied by roller, brush, or spray, it leaves an easy-to-clean, hard, glossy floor surface. Appropriate for surfaces that will not sustain extreme mechanical abuse and where maximum skid resistance is not required.

Made of 40% epoxy plus solvents.
Curing time of 5 to 7 hours.
Hard, typically 7 mils thick.
Some shrinkage occurs during curing process.


Dura Seal 400 penetrates into the pores of the concrete for excellent adhesion and forms a solid surface. Recognized by the USDA as a contaminant barrier. Effective in humid areas. Comes in a variety of colors.


Does not provide maximum skid resistance. Strong odor during application. Will not harden at temperatures below 55 degrees F.




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