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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Strippable Coatings
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The Isolock-300 family of strippable coatings was developed to address the radioactive contaminants associated with the nuclear reactor refueling operation. This product is used in radionuclide contamination avoidance and secondary containment applications, such as in nuclear power plants to mitigate and remove radionuclide contamination inside a reactor cavity.

The three components should be mixed in a precise sequence and then applied with an airless spray system (200-3000 psi) within a short period. It has to be evenly sprayed and should be applied to a thickness of 30 mills wet. Once cured, the initial coat additional coats may be added until the desired thickness is achieved. The coating cure time is a function of the temperature and relative humidity.






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