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Technology Factsheet

ISOFIX - Dust Abatement Coating

Category: Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Fixatives
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Isofix is a fixative coating that is designed to fix contaminants and to mitigate the effect of a radionuclide, chemical or biological release. The IsoFix system provides a dust abatement process that is fast, economical, safe for use in urban environments and effective dealing with areas with topsoil, plants, concrete, roadways and buildings.

This coating is environmentally benign and is designed for application using conventional firefighting foam systems. Nanoparticle technology contained in the coating is designed to bond with target radionuclide contaminants to prevent their spread. In the event that the area is determined not to be contaminated, the coating can be left in place to biodegrade.


Easily broadcast over large areas. Non-toxic. Shown in field tests to lockdown >98% of particles after 1.5 years of outdoor exposure to wind, rain and UV.





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