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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Strippable Coatings
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This polymer emulsion coating system is used for removing radioactive materials from contaminated surfaces and sub-surfaces, including concrete, painted surfaces, steel, glass and wood construction materials. Upon curing, the ORION coating mechanically and chemically traps contaminants and can be peeled to remove contamination in a solid waste-form.

ORION was developed to mitigate against the threat of a dirty bomb by mitigating the spread of radioactive material from wind, rain and smearable transport, and to aid in post-event decontamination. ORION can be applied after a contamination event to remove up to 80% of radioactive contamination from porous surface and up to 99% on most nonporous surfaces. It has been tested and shown to be effective for Cs-137, Sr-90, and Co-60.






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