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Technology Factsheet

DeconPeel Nuclear 2050

Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Strippable Coatings
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DeconPeel Nuclear 2050 is a non-hazardous non-toxic coating designed for safely removing and preventing the spread of radioactive contamination. While curing, the product mechanically and chemically traps contamination. After curing, the coating is stripped off, along with the loose surface contamination.

Recommended for the decontamination of floors, walls, and equipment. Also can be used for system components such as reactor cavities, gloveboxes, and hot cells. May serve as a barrier to prevent contamination or as a covering to contain contamination. May be applied to most surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, and painted surfaces.


Non-hazardous. Non- toxic. High decontamination factors. Fast cure time. Rapid application and removal. Water resistant when dry. Peels from a variety of surfaces.





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