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Technology Factsheet

Brokk 160

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System
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The Brokk 160 is a lightweight, remote-controlled demolition robot with an electric motor capable of hitting with a force of over 406 joules at the tip. The Brokk 160 includes a digital remote control for working at a safe distance from the demolition.

Key Features:
Weight: 1,600 kg - 1,900 with counterweight
Motor Output: 18.5 kW
Slewing Speed: 10 sec/360°
Max Transport Speed: 2.1 km - 0.6 m/s - 1.3 mph

The Brokk 160 comes with three levels of radiation hardening for use in high radiation environments:

• Level 1: Additional protection of sensitive electronics equipment using non-lead high-density formable shielding materials.

• Level 2: Removal from the Brokk machine and remote mounting of all electronics equipment (hard wired interconnection “umbilical” cable is required for control signals to solenoid valve assemblies in this case).

• Level 3: Removal from the Brokk machine and remote mounting of all electronics and all electrical equipment including HPU and Solenoids. A hydraulic hose “umbilical” assembly is required in this case for direct feed to actuators.


• Lightweight • Remote-controlled • Three levels of radiation hardening





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