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Technology Factsheet

Brokk 100

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System
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The Brokk 100 is the successor of one of Brokk’s most sold remote controlled demolition robots, with applications for light and medium-duty demolition work. It offers 35 percent more hitting power than its predecessor, a more energy-effective engine, reduced weight and transport height and improved versatility for demolition in restricted spaces, in particular where there are space constraints or load restrictions on floors. The Brokk 100 folds into a compact package and can be brought to the site in a small lorry or on an ordinary trailer, go into an elevator or climb stairs. The machine works, at reduced power, with access to only 16 amp electricity, and includes digital remote control.

Key Features:
Weight: 990 kg (excluding attachment)
Motor Output: 15 kW
Slewing Speed: 10 sec/360°
Max Transport Speed: 2.5 km - 0.7 m/s - 1.6 mph

The Brokk 100 comes with three levels of radiation hardening for use in high radiation environments:

• Level 1: Additional protection of sensitive electronics equipment using non-lead high-density formable shielding materials.

• Level 2: Removal from the Brokk machine and remote mounting of all electronics equipment (hard wired interconnection “umbilical” cable is required for control signals to solenoid valve assemblies in this case).

• Level 3: Removal from the Brokk machine and remote mounting of all electronics and all electrical equipment including HPU and Solenoids. A hydraulic hose “umbilical” assembly is required in this case for direct feed to actuators.


• Ideal for restricted spaces • Folds into a compact package • Operation at 16 amp electricity at reduced power • Three levels of radiation hardening





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