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Technology Factsheet

Cyclops MK4D ROV

Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Wheeled/Tracked System
Reference # : Model No : MK4D

This remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is deployed by military, law enforcement and security agencies for high-risk, hazardous environments including improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) and conventional munitions disposal (CMD).

Cyclops is supplied complete with a compact control station and a kit of operating accessories. Vehicle control functions include:
· Vehicle drive, proportional joystick control
· Brake on / off control
· Arm extension and retraction
· 2 speed control (high speed and operator adjustable low speed for accurate positioning)
· Arm raise and lower, 2 speed control (high speed and operator adjustable low speed for accurate positioning)
· Payload carrying head, pan and tilt controlled by joystick
· Automatic configuration for stair climbing and descent
· Articulated drawbridge, automatic / down control
· 1 of 4 camera selection system
· Color camera zoom control
· Auxiliary camera tilt facility (if fitted)
· Video / data channel selection
· Arm control for firing circuits with visual indication of armed status
· Fire control for each of 4 firing circuits
· Manipulator rotate and jaw control
· Drive system slow/fast speed control

Reach and dexterity:
· Arm can extend to a reach of 2m vertical or 1.1m horizontal
· Open doors
· Move furniture
· Search overhead lockers
· Search underneath vehicles/seats
· Search vehicle boots / trunks / engine compartments
· Explosive ordinance disposal

· water fording capability,
· paved,
· open country (can be fitted with off road wheels),
· urban settings,
· undergrowth,
· sand,
· aircraft steps/aisle,
· bus & train,
· ship gangway,
· ship/sub passageway,
· stair climb & descent.


· Easily controlled through a briefcase-style base station and TFT display
· Compact and lightweight for ease of deployment
· High versatility: small footprint and flexibility allow operation in urban areas
· Ideal for use in confined spaces such as aircraft, buses, ships and trains, providing easy access to luggage racks, overhead lockers and low-level areas
· Extensive maneuverability allows Cyclops to negotiate obstacles and to climb stairs
· Wheel kits enable simple conversion for rural, off-road situations
· Adaptable for special environments
· Optional store and deployment of disruptors, small arms, manipulators, hand tools, chemical and explosive agent detectors, x-ray and thermal imaging systems etc.
· Spot light feature allows detailed, close range observation
· Rapid rechargeable Lithium ion battery maximizes vehicle availability/operability
· Pan and tilt head ensures optimum positioning of disruptor and camera system
· Proportional joystick control for precise operation


· Battery powered for limited operation.
· Lack of flexibility for unmanned cleanup operations.




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