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Technology Factsheet

Advanced Plastics Processing System

Category: Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Size/Volume Reduction
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The advanced plastics processing system (APPS) is used for plastics waste minimization in areas where radioactive waste is generated.

The Westinghouse APPS consists of a shredder with a transport system, an extruder, a filling station and a drum docking/cooling station. The APPS can be connected directly to a (Westinghouse) sorting box where the waste is collected. An operator separates the plastics from the other waste and puts the plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene, textile-enforced tape, certain duroplasts [fractions], latex rubber [fractions], polyvinyl chloride [requires additional equipment]) into the docked APPS. The APPS can process 30 to 80 kg/h of plastic, including plastic mixtures and even certain thermoplast/duroplast mixtures, and achieve a volume reduction factor of six (depending on the plastic material and bulk density of the feed material). Although designed to interface with sorting boxes, the APPS is also available as a stand-alone system for direct feeding and can also be integrated into existing waste treatment streams.


• Melting of plastics to achieve the highest possible bulk density
• Processing of plastic mixtures
• No chemical change in plastics
• Simple filling into compactable drums
• Directly connectable to Westinghouse sorting boxes
• Available as stand-alone system





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