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Technology Factsheet

Compact Remote Operator Console

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Interfaces for Remote System
Reference # : OST/TMS No 2180, DOE/EM-O627 Model No :

The compact remote operator console provides an economical solution to remote systems control in a portable and modular fashion. It will be based on a single box to be wheeled in through a standard size personnel entry door, opened up, and folded out rapidly into a working system. Weight, power consumption, and ease and speed of setup will be emphasized. Remote viewing and graphical user interface will be provided via flat panel screens arranged as a video cylinder in front of the operator. A control chair will be the central focal point, using side consoles for remote viewing and peripheral control inputs. High-level control provided for the remote system will be supplied via a separate control box.


The benefits of the CRC are that it removes the operator from hazardous environments while providing adequate interfaces to permit the operator to conduct D&D activities. The operator can perform for an extended period at nearly the same level of performance as for direct control. The relevance and benefit of the CRC has been confirmed by additional deployments and requests for additional units for operator control of many diverse remote systems.


It should be noted that the Modified Brokk Demolition Machine with Remote Console requires a measure of skill to operate. Most of the CRC controls associated with the camera, actuators, and CRC are quite intuitive, but it is recommended that operators receive the vendor-provided, model-specific Brokk training and significant field-operation time before operating the system remotely through the CRC. It was not absolutely necessary to have a person in the remote environment for tether management or unsafe condition notification, but it was helpful and procedurally required during the demonstration and deployment while operators were adapting to the concept of using a remote system.




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