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Technology Factsheet

Freight 500/1500

Category: Robotics > Other > Industrial Robot
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Fetch Robotics provides mid-sized (Freight500) and large (Freight1500) autonomous mobile platforms for safely moving heavier payloads in warehouse environments.

Freight500 moves caseloads up to 500 kgs yet still fits through doorways and areas normally traversed by people. Freight1500 was designed for larger and most standard palletized loads up to 1500 kg.

Both models offer fast chargning, autonomously charging to a 90% state within one hour via Fetch charge docks. Fully charged, both robots have nominal continuous runtimes of up to 9 hours.

LiDAR sensors and 3D cameras front and back are tightly integrated with Fetch optimized navigation software. Additional front and back RGB cameras can be customized for safety, security, or other vision related applications.






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