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Technology Factsheet

Crystalline Ice Blast

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Ice Blasting
Reference # : Model No : N210

The Crystalline Ice Blast model N210 (CIB-N210) applies a wet-ice process for decontamination and surface cleaning preparation. This technology uses compressed air and ice chips to readily remove radioactive contamination or surface coating. The CIB requires 280 scfm and 150 psi, which allows an easier positive air control in a closed environment. The CIB system consists of an ice maker and air supply, a refrigeration module, an ice handling module, a process control module and a blast nozzle. The icemaker determines the ice blast efficiency by controlling crystallinity and size distributioin to improve handling, transport, and performance. The air supply module consists of an air compressor with an after-cooler. The refrigeration module provides equipment cooling, air-drying, and cooling for ice transport and acceleration. The ice-handling module provides sizing, metering, fruidizing, and transport of ice particles from the icemaker to the blast nozzle. The process control module provides trouble-free running system by constantly monitoring more than one hundred operating parameters. Dimension of Technology Model (LxWxH): 61"x48"x67" Weight of Technology Model (lb.): 1,700 lbs.


*Low water use requirements (0.4 gal/min) *Water encapsulates contamination as well as surface begin removed. *Does not produce solid waste *The technology is a wet process, which reduces airborne contamination and minimizes cross contamination. *The CIB can remove grease and oils. *The CIB was able to reach interior corners, end corners, and thin metal edges. *The CIB can remove most coatings without damaging the substrate. *The unit offers extended mobility with a 50 to 250 ft operating range


*The system equipment cost is high. *The technology is more effective removing rust than coated materials. *System may not be aggressive enough to remove most coatings. *Wastewater treatment system is required to minimize the amount of secondary waste generated. *Since this is a wet system operators can slip or fall. *Compressed air stream may generate airborne if system is not operated properly. *Flash rusting may occur if steel is not treated Remove painted surface, but not the red oxide primer.




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