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Technology Factsheet

Lumi-Scint Liquid Scintillation Counter

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment
Reference # : OST/TMS No 231, DOE/EM-0596 Model No :

the Lumi-Scint technology permits samples to be counted at the location where they are collected because the entire system is portable. The Lumi-Scint is capable of counting samples with activities up to 20,000,000 counts per minute (cpm). This capability is a result of optimization of the electronics to handle much higher counting rates. In the Lumi-Scint LSC, a pulse train detected by the photo-multiplier tube (PMT) is transferred to the microprocessor, which controls all counting, logic, and computational processes. The manually operated sample chamber assembly can hold one vial at a time. Two interchangeable sample holders are provided with the unit. The Lumi-Scint LSC combines state-of-the-art luminescence counting with LSC counting in a compact instrument that provides quantitative information. It is designed to give accurate information in both LSC "mini-vial” and test tube formats and requires less than 1 square foot of bench space. With the optional battery pack, it can be carried into the field to provide on-site data.


The benefit of the Lumi-Scint is that it is portable and reduces time requirements of transporting samples to a centralized laboratory, while giving a quantitative analysis of the radiological environment. The Lumi-Scint is capable of counting high activity. The upper limit of detection for the Lumi-Scint is more than 10 times the capacity of traditional LSCs. The only risk associated with the Lumi-Scint is background radiation in the work area as for any field instrument. The Lumi-Scint does have the ability to subtract background radiation.


The Lumi-Scint LSC became unstable when the battery became weak. Once the battery was recharged, the unit performed normally (life of the approximately 6 hours). The Lumi-Scint LSC is limited in capacity by the fact that it requires manual sample changing,




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