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Technology Factsheet

Portable Radiation Scalers/Ratemeters

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
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Ludlum offers several models of ratemeters/scalers, including:

Model 2221 is a general purpose ratemeter and scaler:
• Digital Ratemeter with Built-In Scaler
• Dual Analog Meter & Digital LCD Presentation
• Rich Array of Discrete Front Panel Controls
• Single Channel Analysis
• Optional RS-232 Data Output
• Wide Range HV
• Overload Protection

Model 2224-1 is a microprocessor-based radiation survey ratemeter/scaler:
• Alpha Beta Ratemeter/Scaler
• Analog Display with Digital Scaler Readout
• Alpha/Beta Audio Discrimination

Model 2241-3 is a general purpose digital ratemeter with a built-in scaler that provides timed counts over a user specified period.
• Digital Ratemeter with Built-In Scaler
• Auto Ranging
• Stores 4 Detector Setups for Quickly Swapping Detectors in the Field
• Adjustable Alarms
• Wide Range HV
• Overrange & Overload Protection

Model 3000 is an instrument used with an external detector for alpha, beta, or gamma radiation survey.
• Large Backlit LCD
• Auto Ranging
• Rate, Max, and Count Modes of Operation
• Splash-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Use
• 4-Button Intuitive Interface for Easy Operation
• All-Digital Calibration
• USB Port

Model 3001 is a versatile lightweight ergonomically-designed instrument that can support up to four external detectors, each with its own set of calibration and user parameters, used for alpha, beta, or gamma radiation survey:
• 4 Selectable & Configurable Detector Settings
• Large Backlit LCD
• Autoranging
• Rate, Max, and Count Modes of Operation
• Splash-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Use
• 4-Button Intuitive Interface for Easy Operation
• All-Digital Calibration
• USB Port
• Datalogging and Headphone Options


M221: Customary analog display for optimally viewing the count rate and rate of change through all possible four decades of display. Digital LCD can present the ratemeter data or the scaler counts. Logically arranged discrete controls on the front panel permit precise control of the desired measurement. Wide range high voltage supply supports a wide variety of detectors with additional threshold and window settings that facilitate switching between gross counts and the energy band of interest.

M2224-1: Traditional analog readout plus a digital LCD for the scaler function. Allows for simultaneous separate counting of alpha and beta.

M2241-3: Will store detector setup information for up to four detectors and offers a front-panel mounted rotary switch so personnel can quickly swap detectors in the field. LCD presents readings in a four-digit, moving decimal format together with one of a wide range of available units of measure and is accompanied by several operational and alert icons. LCD backlight can be activated and remains lit for a user-adjustable interval. Features adjustable alert and alarm setpoints for both the ratemeter & scaler modes. Calibration, user configured alarms, scaler count intervals and detector setups can be configured via an internally housed switchboard or through an RS-232 serial interface to a PC.

M3000: Large backlit LCD for ease of reading. Piercing audio warning tone. Splash-resistant construction for outdoor use. All-digital calibration. Light-weight and ruggedly built. Four-button intuitive interface for easy operation. Measurements can be collected in two sets of units (primary and secondary) for RATE and MAX modes in cps, cpm, Bq, dpm, mR/hr, or µSv/h units.

M3001: Large, easily-readable LCD (liquid crystal display). Piercing audio warning tone. Easy, intuitive, user-friendly design. Lightweight durable high-impact plastic.





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