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Technology Factsheet

Abrasive Water Cutting System (AWCS)

Category: Robotics > Dismantling and Retrieval > Other
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This high-pressure system provides the capability to cut virtually any material. It is used by EOB operators to render safe UXOs of multiple size. Enables operators to remotely carry out decommissioning operations in a safe and controlled environment.

Product Specifications:
6Kw diesel engine with 12v electric start key 690bar operating pressure: 42 litre water header tank, 5 litres per minute 12 litre mixing/storage vessel 20 micron filter system Operating temperature 0°C – 53°C as standard. Operation in -10°C can be achieved by using a saline solution in place of fresh water


Designed to work in harsh environments including hot and cold as well as up to 3 meters of seawater.





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