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Technology Factsheet

Blade Plunging Cutter

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Nibber/Shear
Reference # : OST/TMS No 2953, DOE/EM-0599 Model No : BPC-4

The Mega-Tech a Blade Plunging Cutter, BPC-4, developed by Mega-Tech Services, Inc., is a fully mature and commercially available metal-cutting technology. Mega-Tech Inc. has developed and patented innovative redesigns of the technology that incorporate several proprietary features that make it safer, more reliable, and minimize worker hazards. The Mega-Tech Blade Plunging Cutter, BPC-4, is specifically designed for cutting a range of sizes, materials, and contours used extensively in the industrial sector. The tool can be attached to a weight-nulling device, which supports, balances, and holds the BPC-4 unit while the technicians guide the tool toward the work piece to perform the cutting operation without having to carry the weight of the tool.


• Cuts significantly faster than baseline saw on both 3-in pipe and Unistrut legs. • Produces little secondary waste, ie. metal shavings • Shielded blade reduces potential of cuts to personnel and PPE


The existing switch has to be turned to the right by the thumb. If the switch took less effort, then technicians felt that the technology would be more ergonomic. At approximately 28 lbs., the tool is very heavy for continued use without the weight-nulling device. Reducing the weight without losing any effectiveness would greatly increase the efficiency of the tool.




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