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Technology Factsheet

RX 400 Pipe Crawler

Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Other
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RX400 Pipe Crawler is designed to inspect pipeline diameters from 400 mm to 2000 mm (16 in. to 79 in.) Includes 300 m (984 ft.) of cable. Includes laser measurement; distance counter; text annotation; sonde transmitter; pan, tilt and zoom camera head; and large touch screen display with easy to use controls. Records video and still images.


Powerful four-wheel drive (steerable).
Electrically operated 2-speed gearbox.
Electrically operated clutch with safety mode; clutch is permanently engaged.
Large ground clearance.
Automatic lifter.
Sensor system for automatic camera centering inside the pipe.
Location transmitter can be activated.
Constant monitoring by pitch and roll sensor.
Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature.
4 manually adjustable LED lamps for optimum illumination of the pipe.
2 LED lamps for optimum illumination of the pipe bottom.
Integrated back-eye camera.
Interface for additional back-eye camera in an elevated position.
Interface to mount an optional elevator extension.





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