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Technology Factsheet

AscTec Neo

Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Airborne System
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The AscTec Neo is part of the UAV research for the AscTec Research Line. The hexacopter is fully redundant, which means all flight relevant components and electronics are at least double redundant. With payloads up to 2 kg, its flight times are up to 26 minutes. Space-saving transportability. The standardized mechanical and modular structure is user-friendly and adaptable in common R&D use. Intel NUC provides powerful computing power on UAVs in the weight class below 5 kg.


• Total redundancy means that the AscTec Neo is resistant against single-point-of-failure in electronics and hardware, including motors.

• Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) below 5 kg & payloads up to 2 kg.

• Flight time: up to 26 minutes.

• Space-saving transport: Folding propellers, detachable motor booms.

• Efficient propulsion system and triple redundant flight controller (with stock firmware) providing high-performance motor control with FOC (Field Oriented Control).

• Usability: Active braking and energy recovery system and redundant power supply with smart batteries.

• Standardized mechanical interface.





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