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Technology Factsheet

HYDROlog™ 3000PT

Category: Characterization > Inspection > Others
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The HYDROlog 3000PT instrument forms the core of the new HYDRO 3000 range of hydrotest monitoring instrumentation. It is a compact logger measuring test pressure to 1400bar and ambient temperature to depths of up to 4000m. The integral pressure sensor has ±0.05%FS accuracy and ±0.01%FS precision to 1000bar.


• Deployment wizard allows quick and easy logger set up.
• Test data outputs as an industry standard csv file and report.
• Easily transportable with alkaline and NiMH battery options.
• Faster download via the new AQUAmodem Op2 optical modem, serial cable or USB on the surface.
• Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, the logger is designed for the rigours of operational use.
• All loggers are fitted with sacrificial anodes to reduce the risk of corrosion on long deployments.
• Connectors and anodes are shielded from knocks and are housed within the 60mm diameter instrument, with no protrusions for easier mounting.



The HYDROlog 3000PT is available in two additional models: one measuring gauge pressure, and one measuring two test pressures in a compact and efficiently designed instrument.



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