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Technology Factsheet

AQUAscat® 1000S

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Inorganic Matter Detectors
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The AQUAscat transmits pulses of high frequency sound on up to four transducers, each of which may operate at a different frequency. It measures the sound scattered by sediment or other suspended materials at discrete spatial intervals programmable from 2½ millimeters to 4 centimeters. For altimetry, this may span a few tens of centimeters; for monitoring sediment suspension profiles, a total range of around 1- 2 meters is typical; while dredge plume estimation may extend to 10 meters. The instrument is supplied in a sub-sea housing suitable for long-term unattended deployments. Batteries for various deployment schedules are available to order.


• The AQUAscat 1000S can observe profiles of up to 10 m.

• Using set frequencies of 500 kHz, 1 MHz, 2 MHz and 4 MHz, the AQUAscat 1000S allows you to determine the mean grain size and concentration of suspended materials.

• The AQUAscat 1000S is a self-contained instrument with 4 integrated transducers, allowing simple deployment and operation.

• For long-term deployments, the AQUAscat 1000S can be connected to an external battery pack.

• The instrument has integrated temperature and depth sensors to give a better understanding of the water environment.

• Aquatec offer an optional turbidity sensor that can be integrated with the AQUAscat 1000S. This provides a separate single point measurement of turbidity, giving optical measurements as well as acoustic. This feature is ideal for water quality monitoring, dredge monitoring and aquaculture projects.

• The AQUAscat 1000S can be used in water depths of up to 1000 m.



The AQUAscat 1000S can observe profiles of suspended sediment concentration over a series of depths within a water column to give you valuable knowledge on the sediment processes taking place.

The AQUAscat 1000S can monitor sediment in both freshwater and marine water environments.



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