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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Thermal Surface Removal > Laser Heating , Etching and Ablation
Reference # : Model No : YAG ERASER

The YAG ERASER system technology is a Laze-Ablator that uses a laser light to ablate coating from various surfaces. The intensity and shape of the light is designed to control and minimize the damage of the substrate being decontaminated. A specialized optical fiber helps transmit the laser light to a hand held work head. The work head consists of control and feedback systems. The control system allows operators to adjust the stripping rate and area of the path of removal, to start and stop the stripping process, and to provide and emergency stop function. The feedback system provides the operator with visual representation of the surface in which is being removed and the input to the laser control software. The work head also consists of a vacuum line to collect any gases or particles that are presented at the surface. The vacuum line is connected to a waste management system, consisting of HEPA filters and charcoal pellets. The laser used in the system is a YAG laser with power output of 150-2000 watts. However, during the testing demonstration only 40-watt laser was used. The entire system can be mounted on a 13"x8" trailer and moved from site to site. The work head can be extended up to 200 ft from the trailer to work site and the fiber optic system and waste management vacuum line is 25 ft long. The trailer dimensions during the demonstration were: Height: 7 « ft (From bottom of tire to top) Length: 10 « ft Width: 5 « ft


No secondary waste production. Little noise and dust produced. Lightweight reduces operator fatigue. Safety features protect system operator. Vacuum unit collects any gases or particles produced during operation, which minimizes respiratory protection for operating personnel. Can be used in wet surfaces (but not underwater). Direct output on operation. The work head can be designed depending on customer need requirements. Weather conditions should not be factors to affect operational data and production rates. The work head can be extended up to 200 feet from main unit to the delivery system in the hand held work head, which increases portability and flexibility.


The removal path is limited to about 3 « in by 1 « in pass. Not applicable for large surfaces due to low production rate. The fiber optics system and waste management vacuum line is limited to twenty-five (25) feet from blasting unit to main control unit. Safety seals limit the total area of removal. The unit can not remove thin edges due to the seal requirement. Not designed for underwater use.




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