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Technology Factsheet

Jet Edge Ultra Deckblaster

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Water-Jet
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Jet Edge Ultra Deckblaster: The Ultra Deckblaster is a portable unit designed for ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet coating removal, surface preparation, and scarification on flat surfaces such as concrete floors. The deckblaster operates at pressures up to 55,000 psi and hydraulic power supplied by a pump. Hydraulic pressure activates the motor to spin the spray bar assembly and open a high-flow water valve supplying fluid to the manifolds. The water travelers through a high-pressure on/off valve and high speed swivel before entering the rotating spray bar. The spray bar height is adjustable by using a tension handle at the front of the Ultra Deckblaster. Multiple jet orifices direct UHP water over 18 inches wide cleaning path. The spray bar accepts a variety of standard jet manifolds depending in type of application. Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Pump: The UHP is a portable intensifier diesel pump, which provides up to 55,000 psi at 4.3 gallons per minute (gpm). Filter Press: The filter press consists of 16 to 24 filter plates or screens with 3-micrometer (µm) diameter orifice, mounted on a metal frame. The filter press has a capacity of 3-cubit ft. Before filtration process starts, each filter is covered by a powder clay solution. This powder clay solution acts as a coating to maximize particle capture. This filter press was used to filter wastewater for continuously recycling.


(1) The water used for floor coating removal carries away the concrete dust particles, the process become virtually dust free. This aspect improves health and safety concerns for operators. (2) The Ultra Deckblaster is easy to operate and its design allows the operator to have total control of the rotational speed, drive speed, forward/off/reverse, water and rotation on/off of the spray bar for precise operation. (3) It has a safety valve,which does not allow operation of any function unless the safety lever is depressed. (4) It has a hydraulic-powered wheel drive (self-propelled device), which offers additional operator control and comfort for free rolling application. (5)During floor decontamination the majority of wastewater is captured by the vacuum system, which minimizes the release of contaminants to the environment. However, improvements can be done in the vacuum system. (6) The overall decontamination method is fast, efficient, and demonstration was considered successful. (7) Waste generated is mainly wastewater, sludge, and pump filters. (8) Wastewater generated after filtration met local sewer discharge standards. Wastewater pH was 11 through the demonstration. After demonstration was completed pH was adjusted with hydrochloric acid, 20% Baum (31.45 w/w%) until meet local sewer discharge standards (5.5 – 9.5).


(1) One of the disadvantages of the process stems from the large quantities of water involved. (2) This unit is limited for decontamination of flat surfaces (e.g., floors, steel decks, etc.). (3) Tool operation represents an ergonomic hazard for operator. The operator is exposed to ergonomic stressors, such as stooping,bending, twisting, kneeing, lifting, etc. Exposure to vibrating tool (hand-arm-vibration) has the potential to cause problems such as Raynaud’s Syndrome (vibration white finger). However, the Deckblaster is much less chance of vibration white finger than a blasting hand tool. (4) This technology slightly represents a noise hazard above the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL). Personal protective equipment as well as hearing protection needs to be considered. (5) Removed coated concrete is not completely captured by the vacuum system. Some sludge was left on the floor instead of being sucked into the vacuum.




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