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Technology Factsheet

HRD TRAX Integrated Characterization and Decontamination System

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
Reference # : Eberline E600 Model No :

The HRD TRAX is an integrated characterization/decontamination system, combining an ultra-high-pressure water hydrolasing tool and radiological survey instrument in one piece of equipment. It is essentially a patented TMR VAC TRAX decontamination system equipped with front and rear radiological sensors that are incorporated with the Laser Assisted Ranging and Data System (LARADS) developed by Eberline Services, Inc. The front sensor detects and characterizes contaminated surfaces, VAC TRAX cleans the targeted area immediately, and the rear sensor detects and characterizes the end result to verify that the contaminants are removed from the cleaned area. The removed surface material is vacuumed away for disposal. The HRD TRAX is designed for spot cleaning of surfaces that are only sporadically contaminated. It remediates only those surfaces identified as matching the contamination levels selected by the sensor parameters. When a contaminated area is detected, ultra-high-pressure water is immediately applied to the area only for the period of time needed to decontaminate to the required level. By hydrolasing only where necessary, HRD TRAX dramatically reduces both the quantity of waste generated, and the time required to complete decontamination activities. HRD TRAX is capable of removing concrete to a depth of ¾ inch; however, for this demonstration, CY preferred to limit the volume of surface removed, and no deep scabbling was performed. The HRD TRAX is remotely operated and track driven by independent air motors. It can be used on floors, on vertical surfaces such as steel or concrete walls, or on ceilings. For wall and ceiling operations, the HRD TRAX is deployed by a TMR Associates, Inc., Mobile Access Platform (MAP). The MAP is a wheel-driven support cart equipped with a telescoping boom with a positioning carriage. This specialty carriage is designed to position the HRD TRAX relative to the MAP and the target surface. The MAP is remotely operated with the same joystick used to control the HRD TRAX, its drive system operating conjointly with the HRD TRA X drive system. The HRD TRAX control station consists of five joysticks, two for left and right HRD TRAX/MAP control, one for boom control, one for carriage control, and one for hydrolasing/spraybar operation. The control station can be located at distances up to 500 ft away, in a clean area. An optional camera for remote viewing can also be incorporated.


(1) It is remotely operated,allowing radiological surveys to be conducted from various locations without the need to build scaffolding. The remote operation also protects worker safety by minimizing exposure to hazardous conditions and reducing operator fatigue. (2) Compared to manual survey methods, its survey is prone to less human errors; thus, its results are more accurate. The survey report provides greater details and better reproducibility. (3) It is capable of interfacing different kinds of radiological detectors. (4) The system shortens D&D project timelines due to the following reasons: (a) Precision and quality of the survey documentations will expedite regulatory review and eliminate confirmatory surveys. (b) Traditionally, radiological survey and decontamination involve at least two pieces of equipment and three trips to one site (survey, decontamination, and survey again). This technology combines characterization and decontamination in one piece of equipment, thus eliminating the need for repeated trips. (5) wastewater is completely captured by vacuum, minimizing airborne contamination.


One of the problems identified by the technology evaluator was that the control panel, which contained five switches or joysticks, was not labeled. Control labels will help avoid confusion, particularly in an emergency situation.




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