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Technology Factsheet

Hydrodemolition Concrete Ceiling

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Abrasive Water Jet
Reference # : Model No : Conjet Robot 363

The Conjet Robot 363: It is a technology designed for concrete removal on walls, ceilings, and horizontal surfaces. The Multi Purpose Arm allows the cutting head to reach further up, further down than what has been possible in previous models. The Conjet Robot 363 is classified as a selective hydrodemolition equipment, meaning a predetermined removal-cutting path and high speed. The robotic hydrodemolition system consists of a high-pressure waterjet system with a capacity of 62 gallons per minute (gpm) @ 17,500 psi. The waterjet is delivered via special hoses to a robotic applicator that is remotely operated. The robot is capable of performing hydrodemolition and decontamination activities through 360-degree work area. This allows the same applicator to be used for deck work, vertical surfaces, as well as overhead. Computer Control Panel: Powered by 11kW electric motor, the Robot 363 can handle the rotory and the oscillation tool efficiently. All PCL functions are operated and controlled from a remote control panel. The control panel enables the operator to remotely adjust the working width at up to six meters high. High Pressure Pump: The pump is capable of adjusting output pressure from 5,000 psi to 20,000 psi with flow rate of up to 62 gpm. Filter Press: The filter press consists of 16 to 24 filter plates or screens with 3-micrometer (µm) diameter orifice, mounted on a metal frame. The filter press has a capacity of 3-cubit ft. Before filtration process starts, each filter is covered by a powder clay solution. This powder clay solution acts as a coating to maximize particle capture. This filter press was used to filter wastewater for continuously recycling.


(1) The water used for hydrodemolition carries away the concrete dust particles and the process becomes virtually dust free. This aspect improves health and safety concerns for operators. (2)Cutting and production rate is considered high. (3) The Conjet Robot 363 is a portable cutting tool relatively easy and safe to operate if operator receives proper training. However, set-up equipment may take longer than some other conventional technologies. (4) Embedded reinforcement (steel rebar) is cleaned, descaled, and free of mechanical damage for adhesion of new concrete (concrete resurfacing) if needed. (5) Hydrodemolition method is fast and efficient compared with conventional methods used for this purpose. (6) Performance specification can be achieved since selective removal is achieved in relation to the strength of the concrete. (7) Provides selective removal of concrete (does not cause micro or macro cracks in adjacent structures) by its flexibility to control the amount of energy released and cutting path width. (8) Waste generated is mainly concrete segments and debris, sludge, pump filters, and wastewater. (9) Wastewater generated after filtration met local sewer discharge standards. Wastewater pH was 11 through the demonstration. After demonstration was completed pH was adjusted with hydrochloric acid, 20% Baum (31.45 w/w%)until meet local sewer discharge standards (5.5 – 9.5).


(1) One of the disadvantages of the process stems from the large quantities of water involved. It is necessary to maintain certain minimum volume of water and sufficient drainage capacity to dispose of the used water. (2) The Conjet Robot 363 is considered sophisticated equipment therefore; operator must be well trained to obtain the best performance at the lowest cost. (3) This technology represents a noise hazard above the OSHA permissible exposure limit (PEL). Personal protective equipment as well as hearing protection needs to be considered. (4) This equipment has a high initial cost and machinery price may easily go up to half million dollars. (5) Jet nozzles can go up to 12 hours of continuous work before replacement. Nozzle wear time depends on type of surface to be hydrodemolished, water flow rate, and pressure.




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