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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Automated Grinding
Reference # : Model No : BMP-335EHY

The Blastrac scarifier system is able control dust while scarifying, planing, cleaning and resurfacing concrete, asphalt and steel, when used with an appropriate dust collection system. The 18 cm (7”) scarifier is lightweight and easily portable to job sites. "Large Area Dry Decontamination Technology"


•Heavy weight for increased scarifying performances •Dust free (when connected to any Blastrac dust collector) •2 independent motors: 2hp drive motor/15hp scarifying motor. •New foot pedal equipped drive system. Machine can be easily moved to site without power. When power is on, machine is moving forward automatically, no need to push it, even when going up a hill! •Adjustable braking device •Double, micrometric adjustment of the scarifying depth: no risk of underground deterioration, better precision •Comfortable to use, easy to move, no vibrations •Several optional tools for each different application






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