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Technology Factsheet

BMGP-600 - Grinding & Polishing - Blastrac

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Automated Grinding
Reference # : Model No : BMGP-600

The BMPG-600 collects contaminants from grinding and polishing through the tool itself. Blastrac's POD Technology also cools the diamond and polishing heads extending tool life. Utilizing varying grits of 2.5" and 3" diamond plugs, the two-headed BMGP-600 provides a 58 cm (23 in.) working path and offers increased visibility of the work surface through POD Technology. The outstanding performance of the BMGP-600 makes it the most versatile and ecologically friendly machine today, for grinding and polishing. Contractors will profit from the added benefits delivered through use of this new BMGP-600 and its POD Technology.


•POD Technology controls dust and debris through the tool, cooling the diamonds and resulting in a cleaner work path •POD Technology provides increased visibility of the work surface •Decreased clean-up time reduces labor costs •Proprietary 208/220V motor eliminates need for buck & boost system •Secondary ports for heavy coating removal •Flip handle for ease of use •Adjustable head pressure •Easily adjustable pivoting weights


Limited success in reducing contamination around cracks and seams in the concrete where higher activity levels of contamination were detected during the radiological survey.




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