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Technology Factsheet

Centrifugal Shot Blast (CSB)

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Shot Blasting
Reference # : Model No : 420E

The centrifugal shot blast technology removes the paint coating from the concrete flooring. The shot blast unit propels hardened steel shot at a high rate of speed to abrade the surface of the concrete. The depth of removal is determined by the rate of speed at which the machine is travelling and the volume and size of shot fired into the blast chamber. The steel shot is recycled and reused until it is too small to be useable. This can be used with a variety of dust collection systems. " Large Dry Decontamination Technology " Documents: http://www.p2pays.org/ref/13/12748.pdf


•Shot blast unit is versatile as it can be adjusted to remove the entire layer of coating, specific layers of the coating, or the coating and up to 1.3 cm (1/2 in.) of concrete •Simultaneous collection of dust and debris •Has higher production rate which results in the job being completed faster •Self propelled, thereby significantly reducing operator fatigue and increasing worker health and safety •Reduces the amount of airborne dust generated by the D&D process, thus reducing personnel exposure, and leads to a significant reduction in respiratory protection and personnel protective equipment


•A second vacuum connection should be placed at the rear of the shot blast unit to vacuum shot that is missed by the main part of the unit during the decontamination •A stronger magnetic roller or a portable vacuum system should be employed to collect steel shot that is left on the floor by the shot blast unit. This could significantly reduce the amount of time required for cleanup after the shot blast unit is used, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the technology •A means should be found to reduce the amount of shot that escapes from under the shot blast unit during the operation. This would make the technology safer to use during the D&D process




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