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Technology Factsheet


Category: Robotics > Dismantling and Retrieval > Manipulator Arm
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PaR Systems legacy manipulator arms have withstood the test of time in harsh environments with many in operation for over 20 years. PaR's design of the M3000 arm delivered to the fledgling nuclear industry in the 1960s is similar to the production design used today. Currently, around the globe, M3000 arms are the workhorses of hot cell and process canyon remote handling. While the components and production processes have evolved over the last 50 years, the rugged and thoughtful design has remained the same. The TR retains the design and heritage of the M3000 while providing modern robotic capabilities to hot cell and hazardous process operations.


Continuous Shoulder Rotation: Thanks to a proven shoulder rotate and slip ring design, the manipulator can be infinitely rotated in either the clockwise or counterclockwise directions. Remote Recovery Drives: In the event of loss of power or a motor or control system failure, PaR provides standard external remote recovery drive couplers that allow the arm to be easily repositioned in addition to intentionally slipping the clutched joints. High Capacity Lifting Hook: The high capacity lifting hook provides a convenient means of moving large loads (M3000 – 1000lbs/450kg) when the manipulator is installed on a telescoping mast system. Continuous Hand Rotation: The powered, continuous rotation of the hand eases operation with no external or internal cables to limit rotation - which is also extremely useful when working with threaded objects, such as fasteners and threaded lids. Variable Force Hands: Grip force can be set at the operator controls allowing the grip force to be adjusted as needed. Modular Hand Design: End-of-arm (EOA) tooling (e.g. grippers, dual hook hands) can be quickly exchanged using our proven locking collar design, whichprovides operators with readily available general purpose or task specific EOA tools. Radiation Hardened: PaR’s manipulators are rad hard up to 10E8 Rads (10E6 Gray) Telescoping Mast Mount: A typical PaR manipulator accesses a work area using PaR’s bridge, trolley and telescoping mast system. Manipulator Removal and Storage: With the manipulator resting on a storage rack, removal of a single pin easily disconnects the manipulator from the mast - reverse the steps and the manipulator is re-installed and ready for work. Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Pivots: Pivot angles of 210° to 310° providePaR’s M3000 and M6000 a generousrange of motion. Slip Clutch Protection: All motions are electrically driven and are protected against overload by low maintenance slip clutches. Modular Wrist Design: The modular wrist design allows for remotely and quickly exchanging wrist assemblies for maintenance, optional features or repair reasons. Remote Tool Power: Located next to the hand is a remotely operated electrical power socket, with reversible polarity, for externally powered tooling solutions – providing operators unlimited access to powered tool solutions (and the socket’s location at the hand and not at the mast, ensures tangle free convenience).



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