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Technology Factsheet

Laser Ultrasonic NDT System - LaserUT

Category: Characterization > Inspection > Others
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LaserUT® NDT system is a patented technology, initially developed for the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), which revolutionizes the process of ultrasonically inspecting composite parts. The LaserUT® NDT System is optimized for the inspection of complex contoured composite structures such as fuselage stringers and parts with tight radii. Its flexibility allows for the inspection of everything from large fuselage sections to small detail clips. Its speed, along with reliability and ease-of -use, addresses the growing bottleneck posed by NDT in most aerospace manufacturing facilities. Its software automates many tasks, creating an environment that produces operator independent data. The result is a system whose NDTcycle time is up to 10x faster than most conventional UT NDT systems. The LaserUT® system is the most versatile NDT system available with the highest throughput rate and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.


• Reduces cycle time by scanning up to 10 times faster for complex composite structures to reduce capital expense • Significantly reduces setup time and part positioning to increase throughput • No special tooling, fixtures or material handling required for each part minimizingpart damage due to handling • No special foundation or water circulation system required to reduce total project time and reduce facilities cost • Elimination of alignment steps through simple, one-time part teaching process • Eliminates CAD data requirements for part teaching process • Consistent results are operator independent with minimal training (less than 40 hours) • Only factory UT technology that could support future MRO activity using digitally archived data



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